Terms and Conditions

Yobrain.com is a free to use testing tool for business startup ;marketing and educational ideas.

Ideas can be submitted via your "Yobrain User Agent" or directly to ideas@yobrain.com.

All submissions will be moderated.

Excluded: Ideas or related to ideas to:

  • Racialism
  • Nationalism
  • Rants
  • Adult Material
  • Pornography
  • Inciting to riot
  • War
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Swearing
  • Self harm
  • Or any idea causing undue distress to others.

Ideas using "Green" sustainable ways to improve the environment; will be especially welcome.

Before offering your idea we encourage a care reading of: "Yobrain User Guide l" and checking out ideas already under test. This will give you a clear idea of the format and what is acceptable.

Ideas submitted remain the intellectual property of the user. Yobrain.com has no claim on the  users intellectual property  : unless agreed by written contract . 

Ideas will be removed at any time if they are edited to contravene the excluded above. Reason for deletion will be, given  if requested by email.

Do no submit inventions or product processes without professional advice and patent applied -. Full details in: "Yobrain User gUide ".

Yobrain.com has a research team uploading ideas for testing. These are clearly marked: e.g.: Yb1. Yb2. etc. These can be purchased at any time - valuation depends on how far they are progressed. Contact: sale@yobrain.com