ecology lessons for schools

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No one can clearly explain how majestic nature is. Forests and reefs are the most diverse areas on earth. It is where we find the “most” in the country. The most poisonous snake, the fastest animal, the biggest flower, or the deadliest fish can all be found in Mother Nature.

 The rain forest has been the home of millions of species since we can’t remember when. It has also been the breeding ground for millions of plants and trees. The colors and specs that surround every meter square of it define life and the beauty of it. 

 The sea, on the other hand, is one of the most beautiful creations in the world. With its vast area of majestic sceneries and life forms, no wonder many people are taking interest to discover the new world it offers. These creations is proof the miracles do happen.

 However, when the world encounters problems as it grows older, these sea creatures are damaging along with it too. Because of the human race, the sea life is also suffering. Little by little those wild creatures are endangered and will eventually result to the damage of the ecosystem.

 The ecosystem is nothing without the others to fill it. It is like a connection of networks that is connected with each other no matter what.

 My idea is to run a website on coral life and source of live coral for hobbyists.  The thought is to build up a resource to use in school ecology lessons. Useful information needs to be collected on keeping coral and the associated creatures. It will also offer feeding and breeding programs. The site will be able to educate more people on how to take care of their environment.

 When more people are aware, more people will be concerned.


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