eco-friendly homes

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Earthquakes don’t kill people. Buildings do. Somehow the statement is true. We are so hooked up in the modern world that sometimes we forget to consider the safety of people. When a building collapses, all those steel, wood and cement will breakdown in an instant leading people to harm.

 These terrible losses come from crushing and suffocation from heavy construction materials when an earthquake devastates. No one can afford to lose that much especially a loved one or a family member. So, the question is what is the solution?

 Nowadays, the word eco-friendly is one of the most used words in the century. We see slogans as go green, recycle and so on everywhere. If you’re still wondering on how it is connected with preventing deaths on earthquakes, the answer is simple.

 If you’re planning to make or buy a house, an eco-friendly home might be the key to this. This will enable you to have houses with lighter and safer materials at a low cost such as paper and straw or something that is grown locally. Not only will our lives benefit from this but the local economy and environment as well. Natural materials are a big help on going green because of the lack of harmful chemical products on production. Plus the local economy might boost when the demand rises.

 Let experts in colleges or companies research on this idea first and see how it goes on tests as they pilot on the idea. And when the plan is solid, this could go out on a much bigger scale where it can be budgeted for a more accurate test. This could open up more possibilities on how to build safer and affordable homes for people.

 If this idea would push through, it’ll prove that going green isn’t that expensive at all. Think about it, when your house made up of these natural materials, not only will you help save the environment but your lives as well.  Another idea from Save time and money.