dog breeding without pain

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A recent program on the BBC shocked a number of dog breeders who where concerned with the extreme pain that is caused when dogs are mating.  Some owners breed dogs resulting intense pain to their pets because of wrong provision or the abnormal distortion of, for example, the nasal passage.

 It appears some breeders are more concerned with the profit margin than the welfare of the animals. My idea is for the "natural dog breeders" to improve dog breeding but not cause pain to the dogs. I’m suggesting then to form an alternative to the major clubs. It would at least indicate if there was a sufficient number of "Natural Dog Breeders" to have their own competitions.

 Breeding is not an easy job to do. You don’t just look for a stud (male breeding dog) and a dam (female breeding dog) and let them do what they’re supposed to do. The general goal when you breed is not to earn money or turn it into a business, but to make the breed better. That is the MAIN reason to breed.

 According to, breeding is NOT as easy as it looks. Lack of experience can risk the life of your dam, and having puppies just so your children may witness the miracle of birth can sometimes go badly. Be prepared for anything that could happen, ask yourself: "How can I handle things if they go wrong? Is it worth it?" Most breeders do not simply follow textbook instructions when whelping a litter because whelping right requires experience. There is no money to be found in breeding the right way, it is a hobby and usually costs money rather than makes money.

 If you are one of the concerned breeders who love their pet so much they don’t want to cause them pain, why don’t you gather all your friends with the same interest and help spread this awareness? Remember, a dog is a man’s best friend and best friends never harm each other.


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