creative intelligence- the real secret

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Subject : CREATIVE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE- the real secret of successful entrepreneurs


Almost all successful entrepreneurs when recounting their "story" Relate the many factors which helped them succeed..
EG..worked very hard..
kept going.
never lost sight of their "vision "
found a great mentor.
learnt from failures/mistakes.etc..

They also mention how they formed alliances with other businesses to add value to their enterprise.

There is ,however one faculty they all have but never mention.."creative business intelligence "In most cases they dont mention it because they don't realise they have it !

Strategies; alliances; adding value; negotiating are talked about..but often missing is the reasons why they work..In essense it's applied creativity.

A good example is how Theo paphitis got empty crisp packets picked up after he closed his school enterprise tuck shop...He offered ,as an incentive ,one packet of crisps for every twelve empty ones collected by his school mates !

You may think that a small action but Theo later stated his success in the retail trade is based on excellent cusomer service.with the staff given (not crisps) but a fortnightly money bonus; as an incentive.
He may call it common sense it's not it's CBI!

Theo later said ;" I don't have many ideas of my own " But he did and has! He has "creative business intelligence " He may even be thinking of introducing "off the peg startups "Which already operates on the internet but has not hit mainstream because it seems too way out,wit5h most millionaires
dont understand what's going on in the internet "Guru world.

My idea is to write a ebook on "CBI" especilly for the many students who have this wonderful quality but don't make the most of it.

Alan Sugar summed up an entrepreneuer better in one word than many a book ..." SCHEMER." Check the word in a dictionary..I would add "creative schemer."

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