ceramics & gardens - Asian women

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There are many countries in Asia that are ideal in growing the most beautiful and rarest plants due to their good weather condition and climate. Because of this, gardening turned out to be an instant business.

For some of you who don’t know, aside from ornamentation and the release of oxygen, plants are agents of good vibes too. These vibes promote a stress-free, healthy environment. In some cases, plants help people decrease their depression not just because of their appearance but scientifically speaking, specific plants have the ability to take away air toxins.

It is one of the plants special abilities to ease the tension and stress in the air that is why offices, lobbies, houses and even shops have plants of different sorts. What will the world ever be without these beautiful creations?

Another way of releasing stress through plants is gardening. This hobby may eventually turn out into a business too if pursued. Ideal for women who are retired, housewives or stay-at-homes, gardening can be of big help.

The idea is to earn money through teaching about gardening and selling plants and gardening materials. If you already are an expert, why not set up a class? It can be done twice a week where you can accommodate a group of women. Teach them the basics up to everything you know. Not only will you be doing what you love, you’ll earn from it as well!

Aside from planting, ceramics or pottery is a nice idea too. Every indoor plant needs a pot so this idea might be an add-on to the gardening business. For all the green thumbs out there, who wouldn’t consider this hobby/business? It’s an opportunity where you’ll be able to do what you love, meet new friends, and earn something out of it!

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