cellphone accessories for the ladies

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Communication belongs to the vital necessities of man today. Before, an average working man is good to go when he has a land line connection and a fax machine in his office. Today, it would be impossible for someone to survive a day without their mobile phones, iPhones or BlackBerrys.

These light and handy devices have helped a lot of people into surviving their day with lesser hassles. With the technology a cell phone brings, everything seems easier to reach. It keeps you up-to-date faster than any communication device.

Cell phones aren’t just for professionals, even teenagers have them. It’s also not for professional uses only. It’s use for every kind of communication there is. One proof is that cell phones are a big help for ladies especially one who is a mom.

Ever since women enter mommyhood, their world revolves around their child.  They don’t have time for shopping, going out with their girlfriends or having dinner with their husbands. Even if they hire a babysitter, they still get paranoid and check in every time they have a chance. Thanks to mobile phones everything turned out easier.

The situation has given me the idea to have simple cell phones designed to be used as an accessory on dresses. There are many ladies who go out at night who want to know if their child is safe back in their home. Their mobile phones will be attached stylishly as a part of their attire making it handier for them. This will free them from scrambling inside their handbag which saves them time on answering the call too. These devices will be small in the form of a brooch or pendant with assorted colors to match their outfit.

They will appear very small that’s almost similar to a real accessory because its only function is for contacting their child or husband and receiving a call.


Another idea from www.testmyidea.com. Save time and money.