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Recent research on how the brain's memory and knowledge is built up can be applied to marketing your business we learn in three main ways:

  1. -By our experience of life which is only partly self-controlled.

  2. -By what we decide to focus on.

  3. -How we think

    Let us consider our experience of life : from the moment we are born our brain  receives billions of bits of data which the brain selects from : this initial input we have little control of but by we are one year old we are starting to demand food ; attention ; and communication ; we start to input information according to our will as well as the continual stream of data from our immediate environment  ..The critical factor is what information do we input which is under our control?

    This report is to answer that question by giving evidence as to how entrepreneurs ; inventors and those individuals considered  a genius thought up their ideas --in other words what input did they concentrate on to get successful and in some cases world changing  results ?

What does the latest research reveal about the brain? That it learns holistically and by inputting new ideas it grows ... if the idea is sufficiently emotive to " fire " the neurons .The understanding is that the whole personality is much more involved than thought previously ..This includes how much exercise we do we feel about what we see; touch; smell ; taste and hear.

This new way of thinking about the brain and how it learns and stores memories changes many ideas about how innovation arises..

The old brain storming methods are not only poor at helping  stimulate the brain's creativity but are actually counter productive