building with bottles

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As we’re living in the so-called modern world, we can’t help but encounter numerous inventions that aim to improve our way of living. Talking about way of living, what is specifically meant here is the dwelling place. In other words… home. Floor plans and designs have evolved in every possible way.

People want a home that is modern and safe. It gives them the feeling of security and that’s the first thing to consider when you’re starting a home. It needs to be able to protect you and your family from any harm. It should be in an environment that is harmless for your children to grow. And it should be the one place where you want to head to after a hard day’s work. If this is all you need then you’re forgetting something.

You need to add another basis in having a new house and this is by far the most important. That it should be environment friendly. One of the designs that most people love here is to have a glass house. Checklist: it’s modern, it’s posh, it’s safe, and it’s eco-friendly. Perfect.

There’s even a better idea. The whole glass house will be recycled. Out of glass bottles. Building a house with ecological friendly concepts may cause difficulties but does not mean it couldn’t be done. To complete the standards there are some elements we must consider in building a house, such as be able to emit complete zero of the greenhouse gas, no waste when using and building the house and no need for energy whatsoever.

This way of recycling glass is without a doubt no wasting of energy on melting them down or cleaning them. There are resins which can stick glass together, the bottles can be cut by using a rotating platform and scratching a line around then a sharp tap cuts the bottle in two giving a cell form to use as the basic building block. This idea is still new so it would be ideal to start this as a college enterprise project.

If this would push through, you’re new house will be a star! Eco-friendly plus recycled.  Another idea from Save time and money.

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