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One of the ways to get traffic to a website is to use keywords. But which key words will get the best result?

We oftentimes depend on the internet when we want to know about something. More and more people are relying on it today than libraries and other references. Since it’s cheaper, faster and more accessible, searching through the internet is the main option of millions of users around the globe.

When we want to learn about something like how to cook a new recipe or how to grow an orchid, we just click on our browser and click search to our search engine. In just a matter of seconds, all the sites and references appear before us.

However,we do know that more than fifty percent of the internet is not true or bogus. Because of the freedom it has for the people, it’s possible and so easy to write wrong information. These tend to scam people or give them false information.

To minimize the problem, my idea is find the most sought after keywords then develop a product to fulfill that search market. I have chosen and tried for the word "BRAIN" because it is the most requested search word in Google. I may then try "MIND" and there is a difference! The actual figures were:

BRAIN = 20 million searches

MIND = 64 million searches

MIND & BRAIN = 74 million searches

Notice the increase in numbers? There’ll be more research and answers about keywords to come.  It will be a free customer search service where all you have to do is request us to search and we’ll do it for you! Saves you time and effort!  The next time you search for something you want to learn about, we’ll make it more reliable and easier for you.


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