asian fashion goes organic

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Asia is the biggest continent. With a population of 4 billion and a wide variety of cultures, Asia is jam-packed with different life styles. And one big factor here is the fashion.

Fashion has become a big part of one’s life. It’s like a persons name tag. It makes us distinguish who’s from India, China, Japan or Philippines. Although the fashion capital isn’t located in Asia, it still has a distinct characteristic that separates it from the others. And that primary feature is the silk used in making clothes.

Silk has been with Asia’s culture for a very long time. It was used primarily in China to make intricate clothes for the emperors and empresses. Because of its process of production that came from silkworms, it was a symbol of royalty.

However that phase was a long time ago. Nowadays, the production of silk is not approved by many especially the PETA. Even though silk is a very smooth and delicate fabric that many love, I think silkworms don’t enjoy it much as humans do. That is what animal rights activists are fighting for. To get rid of the killing of silkworms and that means there’ll be no silk as well.

If you have a fetish for those kinds of clothes and fabric, don’t fret.  All we have to do is go with the trend today. And that is to go organic. Silk can be formed in a couple of ways that can mean no harm on the silkworms. There is what we call peace silk, wild silk and vintage silk.

My idea is to offer traditional and modern Asian dresses in organic materials such as silk and cotton. These dresses aren’t only fashionable; they’re eco-friendly as well. With organic silks, you can wear them without harming anyone.


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