an alternative lifestyle for redundant bankers - using their

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Subject :AN ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE FOR REDUNDANT BANKERS - using their knowledge of finance in new media


Because of the world’s financial crisis, let us expect that there are and will be more thousands of bankers and financial experts that are retrenched from their positions. Basically, their job description is not prioritized at the moment because of the number of banks and companies foreclosed. The situation will just be leading them into depression and struggle for finding ways to earn for a living.

What will all these people do? There will be many that are unable to get work in the same recruitment area which is rapidly shrinking. To lessen this increasing problem of unemployment, my idea is to produce a customized manual which will help the redundant bankers and financial experts understand internet marketing and especially the best methods of finding out about where to find the alternative employment using only online tools.

Internet marketing is in fact, doing well these days amidst the financial matters the world is facing. With the power of the internet, having an online business will be faster and more accessible. Since this has been a buzz to interested businessmen, venturing for the virtual world still needs training and brief IT education.

The information will enable them to build a multi media CV and a data base of customers for their chosen new career. This customer list and the knowledge of marketing make them almost irresistible to an employer who does not understand how to use the internet effectively for lead generation at a much more cost effective rate than general.

The manual would be in two parts. One will be free as a lead generation leader followed by a ten-part training package that will be giving advanced internet marketing strategies. The market is highly targeted and easily reached since it is internet based.


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