ecofriendly education using muiltimedia

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When we talk about being eco-friendly, it’s not just about saving the earth by recycling, decomposing and finding alternatives for the modern life’s day to day activities. It’s also about prolonging our lives.

In the present time, new diseases spring up here and there causing threat to everybody. The main culprits are the environment we live in and the food we eat. In order to have a healthy life, we need a clean space and we need to know where our food comes from.

Normally, we prefer a meal that is faster and easier to prepare. Because of the busy time schedule, it’s more practical to eat micro waved food or takeouts. Little do we know that those foods are packed with preservatives that deteriorate our system in time. It may not result immediately but it might be one of our biggest regrets when the time comes. The goal here would be for people to be able to have a proper and healthy diet and at the same time have awareness in preserving their environment.

My idea is to offer a website on agriculture and farming that offers educational and informative videos linking it to the national curriculum on education. This program will be included in the teachers’ lesson plan so it will be part of the school’s subjects.

It will be a membership site with a monthly subscription. The idea could be extended to any educational system as the supply of food will become the main concern of the society. The generation of students today is about to enter a world facing complicated matters environmentally because of the climate change and the further problems it brings.

It is very crucial and important that all young people become aware on how they can build a sustainable food supply while getting engaged in helping third world countries.


This is the beta site under test and we welcome your comments. Visit for more information. Another idea from Save time and money.

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