brain test - a practical application for creativity

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There are many ways to test the human brain. In fact, there are a lot of brain tests that have been developed for their own specific purposes. Before, these tests were run for professional uses. Nowadays, people can use it for fun. We can find many brain tests that are in the internet and even in mobile applications.

These simple and fun brain tests give us the idea of who we are in order for us to know ourselves better. Some may not be accurate but people still patronize them. However, instead of these silly inaccurate tests, wouldn’t it be much better to solve real life problems?

My idea is to use TMI’s platform to present realistic problems in the business world. This test may be the best personality or brain test there is. If it does not help people enhance their lives then it is not a good idea.

The millions of tests conducted at universities or companies may or may not add to the world’s knowledge but it is a fact that the vast amount of brain tests taken and papers produced remain archived or discarded. These results are mostly taken for granted when a person’s personality and brain record is very important to a society.

Because many think that brain training programs is a game or a leisure activity, my idea would include this aspect. My test would come up as an entertaining way of presenting situations and ideas in an informative and educational way. It will also act as part of the process of posting a business idea and making it a competition in which the Universities could engage.

An example of my brain test would go like this.

There is a mother who saw her child drowning and because she had only a few minutes to find something to help him, she panicked. She ran to a lifebelt stand but there was no life belt or rope on it. Then she tried to get help from some men playing football but none of them had anything. One rang for help while another started to swim out for rescue but the boy had disappeared and the mother could not remember the exact spot she last saw him.

Each year children and adults drown because help cannot be found quick enough. Can you use your brain to think of an idea to solve this real problem ?

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