a newbie’s best source marketing gurus

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Marketing seems like a very complicated subject to many. What most people do not know is that marketing is like baking. You need to do everything right to get the most delicious cake. Marketing involves a lot of strategies in order for you to sell your products and services. One of the most important is knowing the right choices.

My idea is to compile a list of the best internet marketing gurus since online businesses create a big buzz in the business world today. There are many beginners who are spending a great deal of time and money in buying marketing packages which are ineffective in teaching them how to generate income.

If you’re thinking how I knew which people are the best?  Honestly, I knew them the hard way! I have bought and tested many of the packages, plus I learned from a number of investors who seek quality projects. This is one of an entrepreneur’s major problem. If they can’t provide funds on their own, they have to make a business proposal to people who are potential investors. Most entrepreneurs will never get funding because their startup does not meet the investors’ personal criteria.

Many of the best marketers run workshops and attend conventions that are run by other gurus whom they are doing joint ventures with together. Gradually, I noticed the same names cropping up. There also are sites and even financial indexes naming some of the best marketing experts.

What entrepreneurs need is a list of information on the best workshops, packages and where to obtain free information. So these beginners can decide on the quality of the free stuff before buying the training programs.

We will be adding some of these top gurus as we are still continuing on looking for the best and most reliable sources.


Another idea from www.yobrain.com.