Invention saves chidren from drowning

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There are many people that die each year because of drowning. Most of the times, the reasons are there’s no life guard, there are no available saving devices and nobody knows how to swim.  This sudden death has caused a lot of pain to many and what we’re aiming for is to prevent it from happening.

Nobody wants to lose a love one. Most especially if it’s unexpected. That’s why we need to be extra careful not just for ourselves but for others as well.  Whenever you’re going outdoors, you have to know the new place you’re going to. When doing something lively and “extreme”, you need to know the precautions. These simple reminders may go a long way and may even save lives.

Now, whenever you’re going for a swim don’t be too carefree. The water is very unpredictable and you don’t know what’s going to happen next. So it’s better to be prepared. And don’t count on the life guards too much. What if there’s no life guard? How can you be so sure that there’s someone out there who’d wholeheartedly save you or your lover one?

That is the reason for you to rely on yourself and be responsible for your safety. Because of that, Your LOB is the help you need. If you’re wondering what Your LOB is, it’s a shorter term for “Your Life on Bag”. Your LOB is a small device containing a gas cylinder and a balloon that can be attached to any swimwear. If a person gets into trouble when in the water, they simply pull the ring on the device, and the balloon with the word 'HELP' on it will automatically inflate, keeping them afloat.

It’s made from a very light material that is very easy and light to carry. It also comes in various colors that can match your swim suit. Now, there’s no excuse for you to drown in the water. If you still want more information, visit


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