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If you don’t want to upset a woman, never tell her she’s fat. Every woman is weight conscious to some degree. Some watch their diet more vigilantly than watching the sports channel.

Their food must be calculated, organized and weighed. However, most women aren’t nutritionists. Some think that exercising and eating almost nothing are the partners for staying thin when in reality it’s more dangerous than eating a lot.

Anorexia is one of the top mental disorders in women. This is because of the wrong mindset and diet they are in. Most of them fail to recognize this because consulting a doctor is expensive and medications are costly as well.

The idea is to create a mobile app by expert nutritionists in helping women know their body better and give them facts about what to eat. This app works by asking women first about their information and vital stats. After that, the program will calculate based on their lifestyle how this woman will organize her meals. This application will also be able to tell the user her weight status and body mass index. The information will be able to help the user to know what stage her body is in at the moment.

When a woman knows the cause, she’ll be able to figure out the right thing to do with her eating habits and her body. At the end of the assessment, the app will be able to suggest the right diet plan, suggested exercises, prohibitions and tips to a healthy life.

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