Movie with a billion dollar backend

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Internet startups nowadays are creating a buzz in the business world. Why? The reasons are simple.  The internet is faster, wider and more accessible than any communication tool in the world. That is why having an online business is the same too.

A website is like your slot where you can present all your merchandise in front of the world. All your customer has to do is search and click!

However, there are still only a number of people who are engaging in the online industry. Taking a business one step further is a risk. In fact, taking a step into the ecommerce involves major risks. Have you heard about those training packages, seminars and newsletters about ecommerce? It’s a lot but there are only a few who are inspired.

My idea is to take it to the next level and motivate more people into making their own startups. It would be great to reach more people through a movie. Here, not only will the audience benefit, the staff will too.

The story goes like this. Harry, the central character is an internet startup dreamer who has a long suffering girlfriend that bugs him because of their financial situation. Both of them work in a huge office and receive frequent reminders about their low ranking in their sales. Meaning, their business is a flop.

Desperate for their big break, Harry has a flash of inspiration when he overhears two cleaning ladies discuss their pet gold fish and their attempt to find information on a search engine.

After banks and investors show little interest in his idea, he and girlfriend launch it themselves using creative marketing strategies, including a spoof newspaper which "the city" takes seriously at first.

In a period of time, their scheme has worked out very well. However, the billion dollar idea is not in the film itself but in the related backend merchandising innovation that is never used before. This idea requires an investor who understands the film industry in order to pursue. Why not work it out? It might be a hit!


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