a challenge to world's bloggers

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Are you a blogger? If you are, you are reading the right article. If you’re not, I strongly suggest that you read this too.

There must be millions of bloggers out there right now. As I’m writing this at the moment, others are typing out their minds too.  Anyway, when reading blogs, what are the usual topics?

Blogging is usually for personal, professional or commercial purposes. The usual topics are more on about reviews such as how does the writer find the new movie he watched. Or how did he react to an important event that happened to him recently.

All bloggers like to express their ideas and their stories where they want to receive some response. But how about setting some time and space aside to help on a problem? One good example is to help prevent hunger for millions of poor who literally don’t have anything to eat.  A family from Nigeria once told me that they often have “0-0-0” days. This meant that they had zero food for an entire day.

The problem is essentially this. The people who have the influence and academics such as journalists or writers spend a great deal of time, money and effort just DISCUSSING THE PROBLEM. With the current technology, theoretically one person can "speak" to everyone else on the planet. Can’t we think of a way to use that fact to help 4B people suffering from poverty QUICKLY?

My idea is to ask the bloggers who think of the poor to find an answer. Has any one asked the poor what THEY would do to solve their problem? Is there just one blogger who thinks there is a solution? Is there a blog/forum for the poor or by the poor? Think about it, if the world will be discussing lesser about problems and more on the solutions, I think that it will surely help us.


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