Wild wolves - a business idea

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   Wolves have a bad reputation for killing animals & some times people .

    My business idea is to build up a resource of data on wolves ; including all the different types & where they live ;and breed &  and hunt . Can some Wolfs   Feel   Can  Be   Afcet  Poepple    In  Danotgers  

  Aftect  Chilldren    Aftect   Famliy   Lifes    Not  Right   to  Hurt   people

   Dangers    Wolfs    Be  Careful    Dangers   Wolf    In   World   As How

   Be   Careful   With   Willd  Wolfs     Help  Peopple   not    To  Close

   Wovles   Becosre    To   Be Safe    From   Ahother   Peopple   

     Kinds   Of   Wolves    Becareful    When   it   are   Dangers  Anmails 

   Can   Show   cand     Look   Live    In    difllinet   Tabes   of   Wolfs 

      are    In   Wolves   Need   Eating  People   If  Their  Hunry   What

   Bad   People   Come   Friend   In  the   World    Nice  People  

    Are   Wovles   are  Frienly   to  Them   Nice   too    Wild Wolfs

     Some Wolf   Can  do someting    danger  Wolfs  to  Known  With 

    Ahoher   People    Be   Careful    Bewere  Of The  Wavles   Take

  care    careful    are   Dangers    Wolfs   Bewere  of   Dangers 

  Wolfs    Take  Care  With   Wolves    take   care   thir  not   to  to touch    Near  Wovles   be  Save    Famliy   &   Famliy