brain explodes ,yet he smiles - why ?

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     My business idea is to use fiction copy as a marketing strategy ..

              "To predict the future ,invent it   ": Alan Sayers .


        EXAMPLE :  Friday mai 24th   2018   Future press release .

 In October 2014  made a decision to help an old man by writing copy for, at the time ,a obscure website called .

He is glad he did because the startup --- The brain  project  --  exploded in 2018 and he now receives a monthly residual income as a result of the monetized traffic which   " Letters  " Greatly helped to create ..

The first  "Letter " was to the leading journalists of the world suggesting they be involved in the launch of "Yobrain " In June  2015 , by adding a business idea of their own & receive  0.01% equity  to the first 100 to respond ..few did but it  resulted  in great interest from not just the educational world but to those  CEO's intersted in commercial creativity ; and how to engender it in research teams .

The first letter  & agreement  for  to receive  2 %  equity & $ 500  was composed over a cup of tea  at the Ritz Hotel London on 25th October 2014 ..

The second " letter "    In  2016  was sent to the  education departments of over 50  small English speaking  nations ...including  Granada--16,000  ( poulation  ) ; Sammoa..188,000 ; Belize 288,000 ,Guam  173,000 .....Vanuatu  226,000 .

Fifteen nations responded & seven signed a contract to use the internet tool ..This resulted in hundreds of students using the platform & starting to form a community around the idea of building a project to help all those who wanted opportunity to express their talents ..

The third letter sent in June   2017 was directed to the first 100 " Movers & Shakers " ( Chosen  mainly by  ;),again offering them 0.01% equity in return for  inputting their business idea , as expected few did but it resulted in an explosion of interest & funding from two investors ..

As the success of Yobrain  is a testiment to  copywrting skill & gives him income .he was asked " Had you known this what would you have done differently ?..He said  ..The same as Alex Haley " author of " Roots  "  Who replied when asked the same question  " I would have typed faster ! "


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