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The "brain project"


Throughout world governments & business organisations there is a constant cry for innovation; "Invent or die" is the catch phrase.

This has resulted in articles; reports;white papers; conferences; and countless TV programs presenting entrepreneurial activities as well as interviews with the wealthy & how they did it. All suggesting ways of inducing a climate of innovation to catalize the world economies.

There appears a general consensus among world economists that change in educational systems from academic intelligence to a more creative intelligence approach is urgently needed…

We need to explain that creativity is generally thought of as to do with :music;art;dance; media… ie To do more with entertainment ;whereas in reality creativity knows no boundaries & for the purposes of this project is more akin to science ;biology; technology  ; Think -:Leonardo ;Einstein ; Newton; Wright bros; Dyson; Jobs; Berners Lees; etc…

Will such a change occur in the education world? The authors experience over thirty years in various aspects of creativity is :" No"… Not in any signifcant way.Almost all curriculum is formulated by academics; few with a business background.

Attempts have been made eg:

  •  " Robinson report ".

  • CBI report "All our futures".

  • Recent Jamie Mitchell report ----

  • "Enterprise & youth unemployment ".

Only a few teachers have been able to implement the directives & few understand what the real need is -- Commercial creativity as applied to the real world of work. It appears that change will only come with a bottom up approach rather than top down directives.

How this can be achieved is the purpose of the "Brain project"

Brain standing for "Business Revolution @ Internet Now". -


Keeping in mind that creativity often results from an almost anti-logic approach is it reasonable to assume ( within the laws of probability ) that among the millions of individuals - educated & uneducated --a percentage have ideas , if realized , of great benefit to mankind ?

There is only one way to find out -- invent a way to give the world's "Dreamers" Opportunity to test their ideas in some risk assessment system.

The risk being " Is a particular idea worth invesing time & money to realize its potential? " This is a question both investors & entrepreneurs need to know with a greater degree of certainty than hitherto… Ideally without spending valuable time & resource.finding out.


Currently millions of ideas reside in the files of investment houses; further millions in University & research departments throughout the world… The cost producing & storing these packaged ideas must run into the millions per annum.

. Would it not be beneficial if at least a part of this vast archive could be tested cheaply? If entrepreneurs knew investors had a tool to test their idea along with a paper proposal : would it not be more encouraging than the current system which results in 95% or more business funding applications being thrown in the bin ,without even the executive summary being read through.?

To sum up:

  • (a) Millions of worlds rich & poor have unrealized dreams

  • (b) The world needs innovators

How can we help (a) realise their dreams & supply (b) need for innovation?

The solution must meet the following criteria…

  • 1. Must be free to user

  • 2. World reach so there is maximum exposure to every culture to ensure rigorous test of ideas

  • 3. Enhance creativity as part of the brain train program Enhance

  • 4. Search facility for original business ideas

  • 5. A means of building contacts interested in the idea being tested

  • 6. Modular training program to train users how to increase the value of

  •     their idea. 

  • 7. Find their unique skills & present using creative marketing strategies

    There is only one place to start to resolve this problem…


The vast majority of creative thinking / brain training programs involve games; puzzles;problem solving ;riddles, etc.At the end of which the brain may well be stimulated.;but to what ends? The greatest improvement ( life enhancement ) comes when whatever you are learning adds value to your life and others.

As our time is most precious any method which combines enhanced creativity and at the same time produces something of practical & immediate value would be welcome.

The method Yobrain is testing is called "Parallel leverage" The complete system may well be unique : you can judge this.

In essence the training program to improve commercial creativity is integrated with the progress of ideas in real time--these ideas validated by testing them in world markets…

The system enables the student apply knowledge getting "traction" (See investor section in "User guide")

The testing results in real value..1...numbers interested in the idea 2 ;downloads of your lead generator 3 income generated from your product…

For more information; Study the free " User guide " Top right on this page.

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