world’s most poisonous snakes

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It might not seem such a good topic for a business but snakes are studied for ways to use their venom in various types of medicines as well as an antidote for a snake bite.

We found that in testing ideas on, poisonous snakes were one of the most entered key words over a number of years. Maybe this means that people wants to know more about the said reptile and how to handle critical situations such as snake bites.

There is a website, and I should say one of the best, that tackles about snakes and other reptiles. The site is called and it is handled by Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry.  His expertise isn’t just revolving around reptiles; he also studies about mammals, amphibians and aquatic animals.

His research program integrates ecological, evolutionary, and functional genomics approaches to understand the evolution of venom systems. Major findings to-date: (i) revealing venom systems are more widespread than previously believed; (ii) through the detailing of the functional and structural constraints on proteins recruited for use as venom toxins (convergent strategies); (iii) necessitating the redefinition of what makes an animal venomous; (iv) thus revealing greater diversity of animals with toxins for utilization in drug design and development.

It might be a topic to test in the form of a report then an eBook. There does not appear to be any comprehensive study done which could be used by a traveler to identify the most venomous types and what to do if bitten. However, this report that can also turn out to be a “survival guide” may be of help to a lot of people especially those who are located in the desserts, rain forests and tropical islands where snakes and venomous creatures are mostly found.


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