water proof cosmetics perfect for scuba diving ladies

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cuba diving is a really fun sport. Applying make up is fun too! If you’re wondering how scuba diving and make up are connected, ask the ladies.

 It’s a must for most women to look good whenever and wherever they are. They always like to add color to make themselves more attractive and confident. This is why cosmetics are always selling in the retail market because women are addicted to beauty products, one for each part of their body. And by saying they have to look attractive everywhere, is it possible for them to do this underwater?

 We already heard of water proof cosmetics and make-ups that give the women less worries on smudges and stains. But diving fifty meters deep and still keeping it on the face is another story. You might think it’s impossible but actually, these are available! The only problem is those ultra waterproof cosmetics are not easy to find.

 My idea is to make those makeup packs available at diving destinations throughout the world for scuba diving women who want to look their best even underwater! The enterprise could start at one location as a market test until it’s possible to roll out on other diving sites and resorts. This would require an agent living in the area to sell the product to the potential customers.

 A company would be approached to supply well branded cosmetics on a commission basis to the agent in effect an affiliate the program. Another alternative would be to come up to a well established website like www.lovetoknow.com.

 As mentioned earlier, those kinds of cosmetics are not easy to find. The agent could arrange to sell in hotels, diving sites and diving suppliers so that the ladies don’t have anywhere else to go! It’s going to be their one-stop cosmetics shop while there in vacation or just a timeout from their real lives.


Another idea from www.testmyidea.com. Save time and money.