Students profit writing for startups

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There must be millions of students out there today. Among these millions, there may be a huge probability that the best in the country belongs there. Unfortunately, there’s only a little chance that the public finds out.

 Why? It’s because most of their works are stored in the shelves on the farthest lane of a library. Most schools stock up their student’s best articles, write ups, and thesis papers with them. Little do they know that those works can be a big help to anyone out there who needs it.

 It may be useful information to someone who’s doing a research. It may turn out to be a potential write up for a corporation as well. It might also be a future bestseller or a script for a blockbuster movie. Look at all the possibilities! And it’s just in a shelf collecting dust.

 This problem has brought me into a whole new idea. It is to create an online center for students to sell direct to startups. Not only do they get an A for their hard work, they can earn money with it too. These writers can also present their works and ideas to other students within the university who excel in making web pages. It would be like a partnership as they give site quality contents.

 But developing a site requires spending money. And since students are always on a tight budget, there is an alternative for the meantime. Students and graduates could test out their work on This would also establish copyright to the owner and could be used as a forum for the exchange between writers and entrepreneurs.

 When the site specifically for students will be completed, they can transfer their works out there whenever they want. Not only can it build up a big network where students work hand in hand to produce quality write ups about anything under the sun. It can also be a search engine for those who are researching for a certain kind of topic. It’s education and business combined.


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