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The power of the internet is really amazing. Thanks to the Internet, everything seems faster and more accessible.

 Instead of post mails, we now use e-mails. Instead of spending for long distance phone calls, we just Skype.  Everything in the internet seems near.  But with all its features, there’s one that only a few know about and use. This advantage is that the internet is virtually free. You can have an e-mail account for free, a blog space with no money spent and even a free website. However, this brilliant feature isn’t used by many and pushed to the extent.

 Take blogs for example. Have you noticed how many people are posting blogs nowadays? There are millions of them. It’s like the new way of communication. It’s used for business and personal uses. You can post anything you like. For free.

 My idea is to take it to the next level. It will be good to use these blog sites as training platforms for educational and research purposes. I already know that many websites and government organizations offer online lessons. But they are missing something. Their lessons are far from reality! It’s like another boring textbook that only gives meanings of terms.

 What I’m aiming for are blog platforms that offer educational content that many can relate to. Through this, the reader will understand their queries more deeply. They will know how these things are important and how they are connected with what is happening today. There are many authors out there who produce great and very realistic write ups. The only problem is they’re hard to find. If ever everything is in one specific blog site, then all the rest will be much easier.  Good and reliable sources will lead to better results.


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