tall women’s club

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Height doesn’t matter. We always hear this statement but in reality, it really does matter. Heightism is a form of discrimination based on height. In principle it can refer to treatment of either unusually tall or short people. When a person is out of the average height in the society, they are usually given shocking responses such as long stares and offensive comments.

 Usually, short people were the ones teased by the society. Calling them names and making jokes about them were usually done to them. They find it hard to get jobs, join crowds, or just simple things like reaching for something high. However, the jokes became a little overrated until they mellowed down a little bit.

 This teasing and pestering isn’t just happening to people of lesser height. Tall ones experience it too especially the women. Having a height of six feet and above for a woman isn’t usual. In a society, men are the ones that are acceptable when they’re six footers. For a woman, it’s really hard to fit in with a height like that.

 They find it hard to look for nice shoes because they’re feet size is about 11. They can’t wear heels much of the time since they’re already tall and even finding jeans that is long enough for them is hard too. These are only the physical examples. There is a much deeper problem when it’s the emotional reasons are talked about.

 Because of their height, they find it hard to mingle and fit in a group especially when they’re taller than guys. They also have difficulties in looking for partners that are taller than them. The emotional crisis might lead into insecurities and meltdowns if they don’t have someone who can relate to them.

 My idea is to form a club with the main rule being: for women who must be at least six feet in height. The idea is to give each other mutual support and arrange functions and holidays together.  It will be a place where every tall woman feels they belong to.


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