sustainable eco gardens-turning land with liabilities into a

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 I wouldn’t type the exact size of the earth and the exact number of its land area because I might just waste your time with those large numbers. Nevertheless, we all know that the planet we call our home is really huge. It has the capacity to accommodate over six billion people, seven continents, five oceans and a lot more. Even though it’s said to have existed for billions of years, there’s always something to find in it.

 Many might be uninterested but in every city there is a piece or a number of lands that have its full potential but considered useless. Imagine the number of all the cities in the world and calculate the facts with your imagination. The possibilities are very wide and abundant. But still, this makes me think why there are still many homeless loitering in the streets when there are a lot of vacant lots with no use? The land might help in terms of shelter, the decease of pollution and income generation.

 My idea is to utilize the land that is currently considered a danger to the community or a liability in general to an asset, which can be used for recreation or for business purposes. The immense amount of land in various parts of the world is not of use because for some reasons such as toxic wastes being dumped that seeps into ground water is simply unsuitable for development.

 At the same time there are also millions of environmental activists who seek a way of improving the preservation of the planet. Many of the world’s governments have founded departments to fund and help solve the problem of land pollution. If we try to bring these elements together, it might be a benefit for everybody. Think of the advantages.


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