Solar sails for yachts - Save energy and cost

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Save Cost and Energy with Solar Powered Yachts


Saving energy is a big buzz in the world today. Many ideas and inventions on saving power and its alternatives pop out here and there. One of these is the solar energy. This is by far the most effective and efficient alternative for conserving and acquiring energy. This works when the solar panels collect solar radiation from the sun and convert it to electricity with the help of specialized batteries. Many countries are supporting this today.

Since the sun is always shining, its heat is very useful to places that get lots of it.

One of these ideal places is the ocean. Exactly, the sea gets all the sunlight without infrastructures or trees to block it and solar paneled yachts can be a big help to the environment. Just imagine how much fuel and electricity will be saved.

With special features included, the yacht will have a camber to give the vessel a forward lift. It also has an onboard battery charger in order for it to convert the sun’s heat to energy while sailing. This onboard charger is very important at the same time convenient for it will be used when sailing at night. It can be used as well to power the navigation system. You can use the amenities such as laptops and computers, lighting, and entertainment with just the help of the yachts solar panels.

The mast is where you can place the yacht’s solar panels because it is the most protruded part of the vessel. It could be round but in steps with the panels getting progressively smaller upwards for stability. This design will be able to retain the ship’s balance and wind retention at the same time get enough solar power that is needed.

We all know that having a yacht is a luxury but when it comes to saving the environment, it won’t hurt to spend more for the solar panels. In the long run, you have saved more than you’ve spent. Go green while sailing with style. Ships Ahoy!

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