solar mobile lighting - save energy on bills

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Environmentalism is what’s in this 21st century. Green is the new “it color” and recycling and conserving is the era’s activity. People now prefer organic, decomposable and natural.

 But still, most people think that being environment conscious requires a lot of money. “Solar panels costs like this, wind mills cost like that, decomposers are like this yada-yada-yah…”. Actually, some of them aren’t that expensive as you thought them to be.

 They do cost a little bigger but if you think about it, you’ve saved more in the long run. Not just money but Mother Nature as well. One of the misconceptions is solar panels. They truly are expensive and you do have to earn well for a living in order to afford them. But the good (or even best) part is that you don’t need to pay any electricity bill. You’re solar panel can cover up all your appliances depending on the number of watts it has.

 If you’re still having second thoughts, there is always a plan b. And these are solar lights. You can purchase the installed ones or better yet, the portable ones. In the market they cost more but as what I’ve said, you will benefit big time in the long run. You can picture this out. If all your lights are solar powered, how much electricity will you save? All you have to do is take them out in the day time and use them at night. That doesn’t involve a lot of work right?

 It's also better to try out the portable ones. Simply because you can bring them anywhere. It’s perfect for family trips, road trips, camping or anywhere you like. You don’t have to search on where to get electricity or buy batteries. All you need is the golden sun. For free! So, does going green still sound pricey to you? You don’t need to be that rich to save the earth. Little ways can go a long way too.


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