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SIR GEORGE CAYLEY invented the airplane in 1799..

See drawing of the siver disc ,on which he inscribed the basic configuration which all modern aircraft designs are based on..under idea "inventor of the airplane 1

For the first time he suggested a fixed wing tailplane
pilot's pod, and seperated lift from the power source..

although Cayley indicates a wafter as propulsion,he was well aware the need for a more powerful engine;this
he worked on over many years but the internal combustion
engine he needed was 50 years in the future ( the wright bros built one themselves for their first flight in 2003 )

Ian Amor :Ceo of    Yobrain  builds replica,s of Cayleys models one of which hangs in Cayley,s workshop at Brompton in Sawdon; East yorkshire where Cayley lived.
Ian has a library of copies of Cayley,s designs and
intends to set up a website making this material available...This includes over 50 designs of flying machines plus text commenting on his ideas..

Cayley was also the inventor of the caterpillar tractor ;safety curtains for theatres; and some devices for the railways..
Let us know if you would like his designs on hand made paper to give them the 1830--60,s look.

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