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When electric current flows in a circuit, it can transfer energy to do mechanical or thermodynamic work. Devices convert electrical energy into many useful forms, such as heat (electric heaters), light (light bulbs), motion (electric motors), sound (loudspeaker) or chemical changes.

 Electricity can be produced mechanically by generation, or chemically, or by direct conversion from light in photovoltaic cells, also it can be stored chemically in batteries. The Electricity that we use for electric is a non-renewable resource too. That is why it’s limited.

 We have noticed that a number of alternatives have shown up in order for us to still have power. There are also NGOs that spread awareness and raise funds. One of the most common alternatives is solar energy where all you need is a solar panel and the sun! However, most of us find this not a really good idea because of the solar panel’s price. But before saying no, evaluate its advantage first:

• Solar energy is renewable

• Solar energy is environmentally friendly

• Solar panels are extremely reliable

• Solar cells make no noise while collecting energy

• In the long run, solar electricity is cheaper than buying it from the power company

• There is a huge variety of solar panel systems available.

• Solar technology is constantly improving

 With energy bills going through the roof, the possibility of generating cheaper alternatives is considered now by many. Not to mention it helps on saving the environment as well.

 My idea is to find companies who deal in alternative energy products and put a package together which would sell at a price the market will take. It’s a fact that the fast majority of home owners cannot afford to go alternative because solar panels can cost $4,000-8,000. A total package may cost less if it sold in large numbers. A possible resource might be in China where millions are seeking work including research graduates.


 Another idea from Save time and money.