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There are millions of people who are making a living out of trash. You wouldn’t believe how many they are out there. And not only are they making money out of it, they’re helping the economy and the environment as well.

 Recycling is one of the newest trends this 21st century.  Because of the environmental scare such as global warming and climate change, people have been more aware about the current situation. Thus, they are searching for alternatives to prolong the life of mankind and reusing recyclable products are a big help.

 One good example is the recycling process for paper. Paper is a very useful material that is used almost everywhere. It also has the property to be shaped into many things. Did you know that when paper is combined with certain chemicals it turns out to be a very strong and sturdy material? It can be used for houses, furniture, storage boxes and more for a cheaper price.

 That’s only just one part of recycling tips. Just imagine if you can find a lot more in one specific site! My idea is to help individuals use the advices and free tips on how to increase their income by using things that are almost useless. The blog site is the first attempt to offer a platform for the millions in poverty who try to make a living from rubbish. It acts as a focal point to suggest the proper ways on how the recycling can be done.

 Although in the past this has been impossible, technology has moved on. For the first time in history the poor can start to use their intellectual capacity and give it a try in the market. This will give the poor the privilege to have their own source of income. At the same time, it also improves the waste management.

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