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Subject : QUESTION TO ..LARRY PAGE & SERGEY BRIN . ( GOOGLE ). .helping the poor ?


Almost all attempts to reduce poverty  have failed  to slow it down ..more are hungry now then in the history of mankind.

If you do the same thing you get the same results   ..   ie;  the present crisis .. The basic reason for this failure is what is called:  ” The doctor’s party syndrome ”   Explained in the  report ;    ” Are the rich a waste of money ? “

(  Download from “ ” ; link ” reports “.  )

My question is to Larry and Sergey .. Are you making the same mistake that almost all charitable organisations make . ? ie,   Inventing wonderful things and systems organising groups publishing reports / surveys ; ( many  writers make a living telling us  how many  poor  are hungry or died last week )  but failing to  serve the  needs of the customer ?

You have done it wonderfully with search ,but have you  with , dare i mention , your real customers for your charitable foundation - THE POOR   ?

Would you do something that has never been done by an organisation with the power to implement the real needs of your target “market  ? “

The technology is available now to transform the lives of the poor far cheaper then the present  aid developement packages  ..see report   :  ” How the rich gift the poor the means to enter world markets “   On

Are you aware of the revolution already started ?   See  :  www.   .. 60% of the world now has mobile access …millions are receiving free computers .   Why do you not involve  some of  your resources  to the one area which will bring much quicker results ? ..   internet business education  for the poor    ?.

Here  i make the plea for the poor ….                    This is what  THEY  want  and need  ……………..

To be able to control their own lives ….

and have the resource to ..  1.. eat  heathy food   2,    access to health care , 3.  to be educated .

For the first time in history the poor can use their INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY  to increase their wealth.

They can , with internet access  enter world markets  and  because of the favourable exchange rates enhance their lives without needing to sell their souls ; rather they can sell their ideas  online .

It only requires    1 person in a 1,000 – to generate a few thousand dollars,   to enhance the wealth of a village  -    because of the cascading effect of  income seeking services and goods .

This is happening now but it needs scaling up ..and this could be done very quickly.

Here is my questions to Larry and Sergey . Why don’t you invite 100 people  from a rubbish tip to tell you what they want  ?  Give them a mobile device .

Then train 10 of them to use the internet to generate leads which can be sold /rented or sold to

..These systems are cheap to produce and run …see  example  the leads on this site cost little ( once the system is set up .)

The technology is now available just needs scaling up globally …Most of the training can be done from  hand held devices .

There are only really TWO problems in the world a moral  one  ( read  report )  and poverty …

If  two million   poor can become entrepreneurs  starting sustainable businesses , most are good at this --- keeping alive  . The result would act as catylist  to the one  billion low income  families and give  a huge market for the rich nations who need this to sell green products  to  ?

Another  question is: ” Are Larry and Sergey listening  ?”  Or are they part of the  “doctor’s party syndrome ? “.


Ps ; thank you to Google for the search info .