one answer to global warming

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We all know that it could take a long time for the majority of the worst contributors of global warming to be completely eliminated. The major contributors are pollution and population. The more people there are, the more pollution will be.  Making a big change with 6 billion people involve seems somewhat impossible.

 The industry of consumers and commerce are not yet ready to change for a more sustainable lifestyle or production methods because of they’ve been used to it for so long. It’s not like we just wake up one day and decide to turn our homes into solar houses or buy a hybrid car. In fact, those things are little pricey at first though they tend to be more sufficient in the future.

 But with the current situation of our environment right now, WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME LEFT. We are always asking ourselves what is the alternative? The majority of the population in the planet consist 3/4 of people that are included in the poverty line.

 My idea is for the rich such as the business moguls, celebrities, elites etc. to help the poor start adequate businesses where both of the world’s sides can have similar markets such as eco-friendly products, information to restart agriculture and a sustainable lifestyle.

 With four billion of people in the retail market wanting green products, the move to reducing carbon foot print will be far quicker than trying to change the western lifestyle.

 Although many are still not keen on giving up gas-engine machined cars and there are no alternatives for green airplanes and so on, this project will be able to quicken the process of going green. Plus it helps the poor find a source of income generation. The money wasted on foreign aid alone would be enough to fund this initiative. For more information on this topic, see the free report on


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