mobile energy solar station for the poor

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The world is emerging very fast when it comes to the development of technology. Everything is faster, lighter and handier in order to make a person’s life easier. Without these electronic machines, computers, mobile phones etc., the world will literally bog down.

 We all know that technology is a big help to us and we are also aware that the higher it is, the more it’s expensive. One example of technologies’ great innovation is the Internet. It was able to make the world easier and faster to access. Although it has the benefit of free education, free communication and free web spaces, the internet of course, has connection fees. Because of this, not everybody is privileged to use it 24/7.

 Not only that. When using those high-tech gadgets, power usage is always in the picture. Thus, there are more bills to pay. As a matter of fact, technology is only for those who can afford it. But the educational benefits the internet brings shouldn’t be.

 My idea is to supply solar energy stations which can be easily transported to remote locations. It can be mobile by using attached wheels. Solar energy is also very resourceful because it’s cheaper. These stations will also supply energy for computers which are donated free (from institutes like M.I.T.) that enables people in remote areas to use the internet and receive free education and trainings to improve their lives.

 This free internet and power usage will be their key to have their own source of income. If they receive internet marketing knowledge they could generate revenue, giving them a larger measure of control over their lives. If you want more information, These programs are already available on websites like


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