mba 's startup - entrepreneurship in university

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Subject : MBA 's STARTUP - the trend to entrepreneurship in University programs

MBA’s Startup: The Trend to Entrepreneurship in University Programs

 Millions of people are graduates of Masters of Business Administration. MBA is a degree in college that attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. Students in some MBA programs have the option to select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-third of their studies in this area.

 Being a graduate of an MBA degree offers many advantages. While studying for your MBA you'll be exposed to a huge opportunity for Networking. The benefit of an MBA Business school course affords the chance to engage in teamwork, and over the course of such an MBA program, you'll undoubtedly develop significant relationships that should and will serve you well throughout your business career. No matter what your chosen field: an ER doctor, an engineer, or an editor for your local newspaper, the benefit of an MBA graduate business degree can prepare you to step up to a managerial position within your field.

 However, with the current economic crisis that is going on in the world today, the "credit crunch", global economic melt down and the problems from climate change are requiring a rethink from all those who are planning on entering further education. Let’s face it, a lifetime’s worth of education costs a huge fortune. That’s why most people choose to work instead of proceeding for an MBA after college.

 This economic change that is happening right now has caused the people to change as well. The biggest adjustment is probably the realization that these individuals will have to take responsibility more for income generation. My idea is to offer an INTERNET MARKETING EDUCATION program to business schools or universities so MBA's are able to start their own online business.

 Since everything is revolving around the internet nowadays, it would be a good deal if business students will be inclined on how to handle online business.


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