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Taking pictures is already a like a part of human life. Saving the best moments is always something important in a person’s lifetime and to his loved ones as well. It’s like freezing something good that can last forever.

 Photography has evolved in many ways that makes it easier for us to remember and cherish our happiest moments. We use to take photos when we have special and important occasions, when we are having the good times or when we want to document for just the record or reference.

 From the camera’s humble beginning of film to the highest mega pixel of resolution of digiCams, pictures still mean the same. Those are one of our most treasured possessions.

 In the present time, photographers and the way of taking pictures have improved massively through the years. We can take pictures even in the most extreme ways. We can even take pictures underwater! Marine photography clicked to people instantly and you’ll be surprised how many wants to try it. I bet you’re one of them too. Why would you read this article in the first place?

 My idea is to negotiate contracts with the best marine photographers and sell them through our office in Koh Tao, Thailand. There are thousands of tourists who train for scuba diving or any other water sport in the area. They may be interested in receiving information on marine life and other products when they return home.

 With the right gadgets and good photographers, vacationers and scuba diving trainees or even just first-timers can take home the best photos they have! Imagine having a display of frames in your living room under the sea. Wouldn’t it be awesome sharing your experience with your friends back home?

 It will require market research to on establish how many would buy and support the idea. So if you’re interested, feel very free to inquire. Or better yet, test it yourself!


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