lifesaving boats made from recycle paper

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The rainy season comes once in a year especially in the tropical countries. That also means that the feared floods are more likely to happen.

 There have been numerous records of typhoons that brought flood and disaster to certain countries. The devastation can effortlessly take lives in just a span of hours and the main reason was always the lack of preparation. The water rises in a matter of seconds and there’s no enough time to reach safety.

 Because of the global warming, it can go worse. The best thing to do when you know that the flood season is coming is to be ready. Better yet, be prepared for the whole year. Supply your home with a first aid kit, flash lights, food etc.

 Or you can have your own floating device like a boat. I know boats are expensive and you’re probably thinking at the moment how you’re going afford one. That’s why the next step is where I’m going to introduce my idea.

 One of the most used and recycled materials is paper. I used to teach material studies and did a research on using paper as a material to make various things including large structures. So we confined our base material as newsprint because it’s very cheap. It is surprising how much newspaper is thrown away by some households but what’s more amazing is, if paper is laminated properly into certain types of composition it’s very strong. And the idea is to use newspapers to build life saving structures in flood plains better called as boats.

 This boat is the perfect product. It’s durable at the same time it’s cheaper than a usual boat. Not only that. It’s eco-friendly since it’s recycled. It saves lives and it saves the environment as well. If you want to learn more about this product, go to


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