jesus christ and the historical evidence

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Up to now, many are still non-believers. They don’t believe that there is a God and that God gave a son to save us all from our sins. To them the Bible is just another fictitious creation. Because of the miracles performed, it’s possible that one can be doubtful of it. However, no matter what race, religion and culture you belong in, miracles do exist even by their simplest ways.

 From research of the Middle East, I note that there is evidence of the historical aspects of the bible being true. One reliable proof for this is a stone tablet with the words "Pontius Pilate” chiseled on it that was found in Palestine. The tomb of Cyrus and Darius in Iran were one of the places where some historians mentioned Jesus Christ was located. It was also the same with Clement, Pliny the younger, Origen and Joshephus.

 My idea is to find what historical evidence there is for believing that Jesus Christ was a real person who did live in the Middle East. This is very helpful especially for the Christians, Jews and Muslims who are waiting for his coming to restore the earth into a paradise. With the current situation right now, climate change, wars and all, we really need to hold onto something with our faiths.

 With the information an eBook that can be offered for free, this might help increase the faith of those who disregard the real Jesus as unproven. Above all, the Bible is still a better source than any modern scientific research about Jesus’ life. However, additional references (like my eBook) that are understandable and easy to read are a big help too for meditation, reflection and enhancement of faith.

 It’s always better as a person to have something to hold onto in times of grief and in times of joy. That is the faith that we have within us.


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