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                                                                                                  : JASMIN JENA - the story of the rubbish tip girl who became a noted asian entrepreneur

My  idea  ..A story with a strong moral applied to our day.

Jasmin Jena ( J J ) Is a rags to riches story with application to help solve the biggest problem facing mankind ; Climate change .

Essentially it tells how J.J  founds a recycling company using rubbish tip materials and labour of the people who normally get a very poor return for their "sorting " work.

One of her innovations is a way of using newsprint to make a device to save peoples lives in flood conditions, especially in flood plains.   www.amora8.com

The story of   JASMIN JENA  asian women entrepreneur

Jasmin had  lived and worked on the rubbish mountain as long as she could remember .she lived in a shack with her uncle and three other children ;her mother had died when she was four ..her father had left before she was born so the only care she received was from an old man who frequently coughed ..just the kind of cough that her mother had before she died.

When Jasmin was small her uncle seemed rich because he had a hand cart which enabled him to transport the recycled materials from the rubbish tip to dealers ..but slowly Jasmin began to realise this was not true and her uncle struggled to make enough to feed himself and her fellow  scavengers in his care..they, in effect ,were his workers and he their "broker"

The one thing " JJ "hated was the dirt and the smell ..she thought of paradise as the memory she held of when she was bathing in warm clean water  ..it happened long ago when her mother was alive .

The area of the tip that J J worked most was where the rubbish from the rich area of the city of Malim was dumped , most often she colllected paper and magazines which did not bring in as much money as metal collections  but it did not smell as much as the other materials and Jasmin found the pictures interesting and often wondered what the story was behind the lovely looking well dressed people; she longed to be able to read about them .

Her desire to read was to be fulfilled in an unexpected way ,,,she was absorbed in picking up a package of magazines and wondering why it was that anyone would buy something and then never use it,when she felt a thud on her back and heard some one laugh ..she looked behind her to see on the ground a huge dead rat, she hated rats which bred in their thousands on the food wastes .The person who had thrown it  stood some metres away..a young man dressed only in ragged shorts and rope sandles...

"You stupid babboon "  Screamed J J  ."You idiot " ..Although normally placid her  fear made her say things she would not usually dare . The man caught Jasmins sense of dread and hung his head . "Sorry " He said :  I m sorry it upset you , it was done in fun "  He could see J J was not interested in talking to him ,so he lifted the bag of metal he had collected and left. Jasmin could not help wonder who is was as she had never seen him before . Little did she realise her life would be changed dramatically by this chance encounter.

A month later again as she was absorbed in collecting paper she felt a tap on the shoulder ."Hello " said the young man my name is Kasim , what is yours ?" It was the rat thrower , J J Replied  ;"Jasmin jena ..from that introduction they started to converse .

Kasim had been on the rubbish tip for only a few months, being in an orphanage until a relation had died and no longer supported his residence there and now he had to work for a living !

It did not take J J . long to learn that Kasim could read and his interest was mainly learning about entrepreneurs and how businesses where started , his father had been in the carpet trade but it had closed when his shop had to come down and make way for developers .  Kasim had loved his role of selling and promised himself he would one day start a business of his own.

J.J. Was facinated by Kasim's story and the new word  "entrepreneur ". .."Please teach me to read ! " She pleaded . " Ok "Said Kasmin : " Lets start ". Because the paper J J collected was from the rich part of the city the content reflected this  ;including trade magazines and business articles; the long technical words J J found difficult but she was a quick learner and within six months of starting she could read almost all texts ..

She could not get enough of what she was learning and gradually realised  there was a big world outside and it was strange but facinating . Because Kasim had been in this world and was five years older then J J he was able to answer many of her questions , including why so many like herself where poor and yet others had immense wealth, she started to get disturbed about her current situation and how she could improve herself ;without knowing it at the time she was on the road to changing not only her own life but the lives of many others.

J J..now fould herself waking up every morning with a real purpose in her life ..she was educating herself by reading high quality print material ..she especially absorbed the information on business startups..This she first understood from Kasim ....who had experience as a young boy of working for his father.


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