investors - buy to let 20,000 - income per anum .loan 7,850

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Subject: INVESTORS - BUY TO LET.20, 000 - Income per anum .loan 7,850 per an.


The buy to let property business is one area for over 100% investment return - IF - you find the right property.

The example above is in prime residential area in East Yorkshire with Gray’s estate agents in Beverley.

It has a recently assessed rental of 1,700 per month from three bedroomed house and two annexes .The  returns from multi units are usually better than one main dwelling .

This example meets most of the criteria for a good investment return so keep this in mind when searching for the investment property in your area.

Another factor to keep in mind check the long term rental records some areas can be unpredictable .What you need is an area that has always seen a sustained demand for rentals

Beverley was voted "The best small town to live in 2010". And supply of rentals never seems to keep up with demand. This gives the investor greater security as often the clients are reliable.

This has been my experience over twenty years living in East Yorkshire as a landlord. More info -------< >


There is increasing opportunity for business in the BTL area. is growing for many reasons; this includes the movement of money from bonds to more stable assets because of the continual uncertainty in the markets. Many young couples are renting until they can save enough deposit to buy.

House building has slowed and fewer properties are affordable. All this indicates there will be an increasing demand for rental property.

This trend is not just in the UK. In Germany increasing number of people who normally save /invest are concerned with the possible run on the banks and losing their savings so are buying property as a hedge.

Immense amounts of capital is flowing into real estate/commercial property in London ; Paris and a number of the Asian countries : with Brazil offering great opportunities --Although for small property owners our advice is know your market and especially keep clear of all unities without a clear sustainable client base ...

This trend may well increase if there is a global recession ...Other than food drink and clothing ...the one great need is for shelter. Thus the demand is always there; with the almost certain increase in rentals .