investors - alternative markets in creativity

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The times newspaper had this lead article  heading on 23 December 2009

future lies in industries where capital required is intellectual .".
it argues that increasingly economic growth in the country ( GB..) will come from  " brain power " applied in "the creative industries" Not just sofware ; media ; design and digital products but including creativity in bio medicines /engineering .This may give investors a lead into studying the" knowledge" markets. 

Investors wondering where is the best place to "store" their money with low risk and good returns.

A great rethink is taking place..many are considering intellectual property as an alternative to "hard "products and commodities .... because .."opportunity and funds flow to where the brains are" ( Compton ;Indiana )

Where are the brains ? One clue is the fact that USA has 50,000 students studying Chinese..China has 110 million studying English !

Among the 3 billion poor the laws of probability suggest there are latent brilliant ideas which could benefit mankind.
That is why in Mian Channu .. Punjab a team of "creatives "are being formed to simply invent ideas
and formulate a system to test them in real time. This system is due for launch in June 2009 .

Another idea for consideration by investors is the area of shortage ...Water and all the related industry
of water purifying will increasingly be needed.. The most obvious area to watch is desalination of sea water...If a low energy system could be invented it would be in great the invention of a really cheap solar powered still..using sea water or " desert night vapour ".

Endangered animals and other creatures is one field not yet fully explored for investment ..One idea is for a entrepreneur to build a website as a focal point for collating all the work done to preserve rare plants and related fauna ..A multi media approach would result in a resource for schools and Universities.which could be quickly monetised.

.Education is one area Investors will be looking at in the future as the demand for solutions to world problems will get ever stronger and the solution will come through students, again initially in the form of ideas...This is proven in part by the growth of small businesses on the internet..The trade in digital products is a trend which the large companies are failing to understand ..the " roots up economy " Including the trend to self sufficiency may well undercut the main stream industries.

The move to independence in every area is gathering force and manifests itself is the increasing chatter
in the internet community sites.

Investors need to realize that the alternative and the real investment area is in people with ideas.

My idea is find the "creative " Build a team and use to invent business ideas progress them and sell to investors.