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There are many investors who don’t know that some of the simple websites they ignore are the front for multimillion-dollar businesses. 

 My idea is to give the investors tips in the area where only a very few of them fully understand. This is about the internet marketing gurus’ domain. Some of the internet experts turn over millions per month because they understand how to build a system to utilize the internet’s potential at its best especially in the area of information. 

 The tactic for these "stealth merchants" is to build highly targeted lists of subscribers which they can sell information about their products. Because of the very high value and high profit margins, these lists, can be rented out, sold to or be used as lead generators. 

 If the other investors know where to find these gurus where they can offer to fund a collection of their websites, they could make a far better and quicker return than on the stock market. My idea then involves listing all the best of the best and finding out if they would be willing to sell their businesses or a portion of it. 

 Usually, most of them will say NO until they understand that there IS a figure they would sell to.  This figure could then be used as a negotiating start using it against the value and revenue streams of the Guru's business. 

 Why might the experts be interested? Because they know that if they sell they can find another business much quicker than the first one and repeat. Therefore, they are in the business of selling businesses.

 There is another aspect that this few investors consider. And that is starting an idea themselves and progress it. However, for the first time, even investors with no ideas can do it! They can simply pick an idea from the millions on the internet and within five minutes, they can test it in real time. This gives them the power to do something they thought impossible and that is to test any idea at no cost and no time wasted. 


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