homing location devices

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My idea is to design a very cheap cell phone that sends a dignal iin disaster conditions ( like an earthquake )

Currently if the victim is conscious they can phone but if in a coma or trapped ,and cannot use their hands , they cannot ring for help , but if the cellphone was designed to automatically send a signal under changed conditions  eg :  dropped or change of air pressure ,  it could be picked up by rescue teams .

Currently rescue teams spend precious time trying to find the exact location of victims , once the victim is located other instruments can detect if the victim is still alive.


Many people could be helped by information on how to construct homes so they do not crush individuals inside; for example by construction in concrete paper ..this is a proven material using recycled paper/concrete mix .

It might be more cost effective to give poor individuals a cell phone so they could connect to an educational resource to learn how to help themselves prevent illnesses and methods of generating income , currently vast amounts of aid is given when most poor would prefer aid/ education to improve their lives , in the long term this would be a more effective use of aid donations
See - www.txteagle.com     as an example of this cell phone strategy in action ; this for income generation but it can be used for general education purposes .

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