hole in one restaurant chains

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Golf has been one of men’s favorite sports of all time. Now, even females like to experience the game too.  With golf courses rising here and there, sales must have been higher. Because of this, business opportunities are wider as well.

 After a good game, people always like to unwind and have fun. And one thing that most of these golfers look for is a place that serves good food where they can be amused while filling their stomachs. What’s better than recharging your energy after a game with friends?

 On second thought, there is actually something better. It would be a bar/restaurant inside the golf course! You don’t need to exert more effort by driving to a restaurant after you play golf. Imagine a chain of restaurants making use of the ever increasing members of golf organizations throughout the world.

 As a benefit for the members, the restaurant will enable the person to pay by simply swiping their golf membership card where they’ll be sending 3% of their bill in cash to their home club and 2% to the country's golf governing body to be used for the development of golf and its activities. The business is not only generating income themselves because it’s also connected to the golf course. So it doesn’t only entitle you to spend money on good food, you’re helping the golf course too.

 The chain will be able get free advertising within the golf course’s associations and by the always effective word of mouth too. The bar/restaurant will be a golf-themed restaurant of course. It’s menu will contain unique golf terminologies that will have a connection to the delicious food that are served. The place will be like the perfect hang out place any golfer would’ve dreamed of. It will also have golf tournaments from around the world shown on big screen TV's. This is just the outline of the whole idea. It’s up to you if you’re interested in developing the idea and take it above par.


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