green economy

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The global problems that are going on these days are a big threat to mankind. Both financial and environmental problems have combined and left us with all the solutions to find.   

 Based on the situation right now, we can’t bring the earth back to how it was exactly before. However, we humans still have the capacity to prevent worse things from happening. Since it was us who started this mayhem, we are the only ones held responsible for it. 

 My idea is to focus on gathering all the investment entities that are willing to fund eco friendly enterprises. This would be centered on a website linked to all the green organizations. 

 There is, as you know, a new environment-friendly trend on sustainable businesses. In the US, 48% of population is very much interested into helping the world go green. With 28% leading an active eco friendly life would be a 50 million market. Plus, the market has a very wide chance of getting more customers once everybody is willing to go green. 

 As Madeline Albright said at the launch of CDP, "Our business is to help investors vote with their money." It seems that some were listening when the CDP (carbon disclosure project) was represented by 315 investors with assets of $43 trillion. 

 As the days go by, there are more investment houses and institutes that are building green issue portfolios. With increasing businesses that are concentrating on eco-social entrepreneur ideas, this will be able to encourage the local people and customers as well. 

 Businesses and big corporations are the ones who use energy the most. Maintaining a building requires a lot of power and having a green building is a big leap in the industry. We are used to the standard living that we find it hard to change the entire thing! But think about it and what will happen to the future…


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