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This idea is a strategy that very few get right because it seems straight forward but there are certain
elements which must be researched first.

Why blogs is the first question to answer..Blogging is now one of the most effective and quick ways to keep in contact with your audience; friends;old school/collesge mates ;etc.

It is now mainstream used by celebs;entrepreneurs;and even "the movers and shakers "Although not intended to be a source of income some bloggers are generating many $ thousands each month..For example the blogger who advices us earns over $20,000 per month and has helped others to over $35,000 per month.

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How to generate traffic from blogs starts with the blog must only comment on blogs which have high traffic ( over 1,000 per day ) and are related to your business or interest;you obviously want targeted traffic otherwise, even if you receive it they will not return.

To select your blogs use as a research tool and google .If for example you enter the keywords " BEST BUSINESS BLOGS ..then you niche keywords you will narrow your search down.

Next check each blog using your research tools to find the ones with high traffic AND good quality links .This means checking the inboard links to find out which websites are linking to your selected blogs..

All this information will give you a list of high quality blogs in your area of interest with the type of visitor you want to induce to optin to your list..

Now you can make your comment on the selected blogs
the first point to keep in mind...Your comment MUST be related to the post you are commenting on ;if not it will be removed ..The owners of quality blogs are keen to keep a high standard of comments.

DON'T try to advertise.Keep in mind your URL is on the site by your entering your name and basic details..
On most blogs your name is the meta tag link to your site..this is automatic and gives you a high quality link which will bring you traffic.

There is now only one thing left to ensure you get continual traffic from your blog comments ...

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