fantastic 10-4-10 marketing checklist

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Welcome the New Year with fresh marketing ventures for micro-businesses should be included in their “Checklist”.  These 10 new ideas are not wishes; they are prerequisites for improvement in 2015  Use this as a checklist for you to carry out, and challenge yourself to integrate better great ways to promote yourself. Discussed below is Inspired 2 Design’s 10-4-10 Marketing Checklist which can help you obtain your goal. Check it out:

Review your marketing plan and strategy. Two years ago have been an economic pandemonium for most micro entrepreneurs. Hence the demand for major changes and tweaks to your marketing plan is most likely called for. Observe what has worked and which had failed and make the necessary adjustments. Check out also whatever you can use and maximize the benefit that it will give you. Look out for fresh ideas and see what will work. Try it to see if it suits you or not.

Optimize your website for search engines. This is very important and definitely a must-do for 2015 especially if you are assigned to a limited geographical zone area. Search Engine Optimization is very important.

Google yourself in different ways.  First, try searching some of your company’s key phrases and look at your ranking. Type your name and check out the results. Also search your company name and it will show you how many visitors you have. Second, allow Google alerts to automatically discover when you had been referenced or indexed. Checking your buzz is the only way to keep a keen eye on the criticisms your business gets. You cannot entice an unhappy customer if you are not aware they are unsatisfied.

People are putting you on the limelight, so you should immerse yourself on the Social Media Marketing bandwagon. Even if you are new LinkedIn, enhance your profile and link up with lots of contacts and associates from past to present and this will surely get you ahead. That’s the least you can add to your checklist this year. Make sure to research on social media about how it goes. Or contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you in developing a fantastic social media plan.

Promote useful and relevant information that a knowledgeable customer requires. Lots of people are making their final purchase online. Your product or service has to be seen to win and it must be frequently promoted. Your website must be updated with pertinent information and so are your prospects.

Check out what you already have and maximize its usage. Existing customers will give you with 80% of your business most of the time. It is important to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction.  Never waste your time looking for new clients and value the existing ones.
Explore and mingle with lots of people. It does not matter if it is within your city or county’s Chamber of Commerce, Optimist or Rotary club, or small local networking groups, seek out for other individuals with the same interests as you and build connections. Start relationships and nurture your business in 2015.

Try something fresh in Advertising. Either it’s varying from a monthly magazine ad to a daily or weekly newspaper ad, or simply enhancing the posted offer, you should test the market before making long term and expensive commitments. Experiment using the cheapest means available, and make sure it is done properly to avoid making unnecessary spending.
Integrate public relations in  360 your marketing plans if you have not done so. Compose and submit a press release about your accomplishments, events, new hires, and other upbeat news. This is the best way to get free promotion that would make it more interesting.

Check everything before making a leap. Review, assess, and make changes if needed. That is one way of saving and maximizing your advertising budget. Assess the results of your promotions to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth.

Start with these ten tips on your marketing list and surely this would keep the proprietors busy until the second quarter! For inquiries, contact I2D at 770-781-3452 and we will be glad to assist you. We can be accessed anywhere in the U.S.