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Fashion is not just donning models with the latest designer labels to work it in the runway, fashion also means business. Better yet, a very tough business. The clothing fashion industry is very competitive and to break into this market with a new brand requires something special or a new trend/style with a strategy to get mass attention.

Budding fashion designers enter a hard-hitting world where they take the road along with the famous and veteran designers who’s got their names tagged on clothes all over the world. How can someone still unknown top that? It’s very difficult. However, I didn’t say it’s impossible.

To earn customers and sell new designs from new designers, my idea is to target the fashion student/entrepreneur who thinks they have a brilliant idea that could work out. A recent survey by "Shell" indicated that 40% of young people think of starting their own business and spend 24 hours a week talking about it mostly while socializing.

Entrepreneurs are getting much greater media attention because of programs such as "Dragons’ Den”, "The Apprentice" and "The Big Idea”. This is a world wide phenomena but the big problem is how to market to these young people?

One strategy might be to get a well known entrepreneur who is connected to the media to model and wear the garments. It’s like getting known with free advertisement. If you want a "celebrity entrepreneur" to model your creations, it requires making an offer he/she cannot refuse. Perhaps assets in the business or a percentage of the profits.

It’s very important to have business skills when you’re a fashion designer. Because the main goal is to sell what you have by clicking to the public. Testmyidea is always interested in offering part of it's assets in a deal.